The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Jimius

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Chapter II – 265-261BC

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265 BC – Consolidatin’
The senate tasks me now with capturing the Adriatic seaport of Salona. Quintus assaults Mediolanum and utterly overwhelms the bare bones garrison left, killing all 128 with only 13 losses. To make sure it eventually becomes Milan, I build shops.

264 BC – Cry me a River
Manius Julius comes of age in Narbo Martius, hopefully providing a useful figurehead to join up the empire. Faction leader Lucius helps charge down some errant rebel peasants (although there is a very hairy moment when the AI has control of my general…)

Publius (Hehehe) moves the massive North Italian Roman army to siege Patavium, and naturally, the Gauls sally in concert with more relief forces. I have no idea where they get all these guys from. Time for overconfidence to strike. I set up a defensive line as in the last big battle with the Gauls.

They attack as one, and unleash a devastating charge, forcing a rout of my entire army. Publius escapes with a bare handful of men, and is not just an idiot, he is an idiot with a stupid name. Also he smells.

Quintus acts fast to save Rome in Italy and marches 700 men to the single fording point of the Po. The Gauls attack en masse. My men set up in a box formation, designed so that javelins pepper the sides of those crossing, while they are funnelled against the defensively strong and high-maintenance barbarian infantry, seen here taunting some local youths in an unconnected incident.

At the point where more than half their army is across and fighting, the hastatii charge both flanks and my cavalry smash into the diagonals. Luckily, it works, and the whole Gallic force is ridden down as they try to escape back over the river.

More Gauls attack the same point, under the command of warlord Lugatrix. I try the same strategy, but despite managing to kill him, my men are too few and Quintus is lucky to escape with his life. He has, however, massively dented the Gallic expeditionary forces, so getting crushed is looking unlikely. For now.

263 BC – Forth and Back
Manius leads an army to Massilia, and a small force is shipped to Salona, noth laying siege. Trade rights and maps are exchanged with Dacia (who are expanding well) and Spain (who have driven Carthage from Cordoba).

However the year ends poorly, with a defeat in the field to the sallying pirates of Salona, and Manius is forced to head back to Narbo Martius as a large Gaul warband led by King Brennus hoves into view, defeating an opportunistic rebel bandit force en route.

262 BC – Zut Alors!
More trade rights are agreed, this time with Germania and Brittania (with the latter currently kicking the s**t out of the former). Brennus assaults as Manius is at the walls of Narbo, and despite the steely defence of my town watch, the two forces aren’t able to link up and combined with AI general idiocy, both father Vibius and son Manius are slain.

The Romans have been driven out of France after 5 years, and this is the end of one branch of my family tree.

In lighter news, further troops siege and assault Salona, this time defeating the evil pirates and satisfying the wonderfully illogical senate. Still, 5K isn’t to be sniffed at.

261 BC – 10 years in
Decius Julius comes of age and the senate tells me to go get Massilia so they can have something good to look at on the mantlepiece. I assign the former to the latter.

My first decade is over. In battles, I have made 9,000 kills to 5,000 losses.


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