The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Jimius

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Chapter III – 260-252BC

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260 BC – Sneaky, Sneaky, Catchy Gauly
The New Roman army is beginning to take shape as four units of equites (light cavalry) are in the group that manages to ambush a huge Gaul force as they head towards my capital. I will not have the opportunity to attack so many Gauls so easily, so this is a grasper of a situation. Placing them all within easy range and on several sides of the latest Warlord and his bodyguard. I’ve got to throw caution to the wind to survive, and ram all four units into the poor guy.

He dies pretty much instantly, and with my other two units, hastati, forcing the rout of the next unit down the line at about the same time, the entire Gallic resistance crumbles. The horsemen ride down the line, mopping up pockets of resistance and in the end it is a stunning victory, 1211 kills to a mere 96 losses. Rome is safe for the forseeable future. Time to plan my fightback. I march the rest of the ambushing force, reinforcing as best I can, straight to the gate of Patavium before the Gauls counter-attack again and lay siege.

259 BC – Get the Hell Out of My Country
I load up some of these troops (along with the four being churned out by my cities each turn) and send them off to Massilia, my senate target. Patavium is assulted. Unfortunately, the only general I could find free at such short notice was the recently disgraced Publius. Sigh.

Street fights with warbands break out and ricochet through, negating my numerical advantage. Publius manages to engage and kill the King of Gaul himself, Brennus, and the Gaul force is pushed back to the square, but then he collapses like am unsprung slinky, sucumbing to the Publius condition. A charge into a warband goes poorly and Publius dies. Disheartened by the death of their ugly leader, the rest of the Romans turn tail and flee.

It’s time for Quintus Julius to pick up the pieces again. He rallies the few hundred troops huddled outside Patavium around burning barrels playing harmonicas and leads them in a second assault. This time, the fighting is competent, and the Gauls are pushed back and back and out of Italy, thanks to an excellent chain of events after one huge blunder. The population of Patavium is enslaved and spread around the empire. more troops ship off to Massilia. Life is good.

258 BC
Somewhat of a duller year, the empire in part recovering from the attrition its had to endure. Several new members of the family are born.
STAT ATTACK – The total population of my cities is 9052, my armed forces hold 2674 men, and the coffers hold 10256 denarii. Brittania has taken two of the German’s provinces and is pushing them back.

257 BC – Inexorable Expansion
Marcus Julius comes of age. To celebrate, I assault Massilia, still under rebel control, with three rams and an unspecified number of ewes. Breaking the walls in three pieces simulataneously gives me enough room to out-maneuver the hoplites that are defending, and forcing them back to the town square is achieved with showers of pila and javelins. The final asssault, while gruelling, is no particular bother, and Massilia joins the glorious ranks of the empire.

The senate’s reward is waiting back at my capital – a unit of triarii. Great. My new mission is to blockade Sparta.

Waaaay over there on the other side of the map.

256 BC – p**s off!

The Gauls decide I don’t deserve Massilia and attack in great strength. I decide to take a lesson from the botched first siege of Patavium and blockade the streets, hopefully removing their advantage of numbers. They bring hunting dogs, which actually manage to rout my town watch, but the two units of hastati I have filling the main boulevard hold firm. They shower javelins at the enemy when they retreat, and defend stoically when they push forward.

The Gauls, unable to charge properly, get in an attritional struggle which looks like going nowhere. So I move my equites through the alleys and sidestreets and wind up directly behind this huge, exhausted Gaul force, and apply pressure from both sides. The Gauls flee in abject terror after the general is slain, and are utterly crushed.

And now the sad news, at 10:49 AM on this day, Flavius Julius, leader of the Julians, passed away peacefully in his sleep. He had retired of late to his passion – running obscure ports on the west coast of Italy – and had done well with Segesta, turning it into a valuable pillar of the Roman Empire. He will be sadly missed. He is succeeded by his son Lucius, who is currently administrator at the capital Arretium. Also, he is bald. R.I.P. But, from death comes life and a new daughter, Helena, joins the Julian faction, to be auctioned off to the nobility as soon as she reaches fourteen. What a wonderful world.

255 BC – Quintus Julius, Superstar…
…leads an attack on some pesky rebels that had been blocking up my trade routes. Needless to say, they are destroyed with little pity for their peasanty status. I successfully blockade Sparta and am asked now to conquer Appolonia, and bring my empire in direct contact with the Greek and Macedonian civilisations. The Brutii apparently have the same task. Bugger that, it’s mine.

254-252 BC
Three years see five more family members swell my ranks. Say hello to Placidia, Galerius, Gratida, Caius, and Lepida. Hello. Finally managed to ship troops to Appolonia. I wasn’t helped by the plague hitting Salona in 253, a great deal of troops earmarked for the invasion had to be quarantined lest they spread disease and pestilence around the provinces.

This isn’t Warcraft, we don’t need a crappy plague as a major plot device. Appolonia is sieged and assaulted in the summer of 252, in conjunction with some Brutii who were apparently loitering with intent outside. I let them soak up most of the casualties whileslowly creeping to the square. It’s not a large or even spirited defence, and Appolonia is quickly made part of my growing empire. Elsewhere, the Brutii finally get off their arses and start causing some damage to Macedonia.

What’s that? You’d like a giant map? As if I’d let you down.


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