The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Jimius

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Chapter VII – 232-229BC

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232 BC – Nenenene Nenenene BATMAN 
KAPOW! I siege Vicus Marcomanii, holding the Dacian leader. 
BASH! Marcellus kills yet more Gauls and gains the title “The Great” 
GERUND! He then marches forth and sieges Narbo Martius, with 4000 Gauls holed up inside. 
BIVOUAC! Captain Placidia moves so he can support Marcellus in the event of a counter-attack 
MOOSE! The Dacians siege me at Porrolissum.

231 BC – The Big One 
The Gallic army attacks! This is 3000 v 4000, winner takes all. Let’s size up the teams: 

2400 warband, 600 swordsmen, 600 chosen, 300 heavy cavalry 
1300 warband, 600 velites, 600 hastati, 300 light cavalry, MARCELLUS THE GREAT 

Gauls to go first. Both sets of reinforcements are delayed, so I have the time to more or less kill the 800 troops I initially face, though my warbands take massive losses against a single unit of chosen swordsmen. My reinforcements (2 hastati and a velite) spawn directly next to the humoungous enemy ones that comprise most of their force, so run all the way to my defended position.

The Gigantogaul force form in one long thin line and begin to converge on my position. I take my cavalry off to the side and punch through a warband as they get nearer. The chosen swordsmen and heavy cavalry impact into my front line, and immediately one hastati routs. I plug the gap with my reserve troops and grit my teeth as massive infantry losses are sustained. Marcellus goes off to the flanks and charges through my lines into the general. Meanwhile, the rest of my cavalry wheels around and heads back to the main fight. Marcellus manages to rout the enemy general and I send a unit with 7 equites left to chase after him. I carry on, plunging into the sides of the main battle. 

My cavalry smash into the back of the chosen swordsmen once, twice….on the third attempt, they finally rout. It’s a slow collapse, I have to crush inwards, but it eventually works. The equites succeed with catching up with and despatching the enemy warlord and I take this, grabbing my remaining infantry and hurling them into the units from the far ends of the line. Surprise defeats numbers, and the Gauls are finally routed. It is the beginning of the end for them. I march unopposed into Narbo Martius, 31 years after having been forced to leave. It is good to be the king. 

Meanwhile, the Dacians sally rather more successfully from Vicus Marcomanii, led by their enigmatic leader Scylarus. Nothing goes right for me in this battle, and the Romans are knocked out of Dacia for a few years. In further depressing news, the Greeks attack my forces as they siege Thermon. I inflict huge casualties but am defeated incredibly closely. Sucks to be me. The overall effects of this year’s battles are 4000 dead Roman soldiers, fully one quarter of my entire armed forces, to 6000 dead enemies. Seems Marius couldn’t come soon enough. I start to rebuild my army from the ground up, with troops that can take a pounding. 

230 BC – For Attrition! 

Marcellus’ destroyers split in two and siege Lugdunum and Lemonum, having a river face-off while troops in Greece attack the still siege-damaged Thermon again. There are hardly any defenders left now, and they are easily destroyed. Another city joins me, I dance a little jig, that’s what I do. 

229 BC – Double the fun 
I send around a plague-spy to the remaining non-Roman Greek cities and cackle evilly. Lugdunum is assaulted and, protected by a single warband as it is, is absorbed into Julian territory with minimum fuss. I siege Campus Lazyges and the Dacians immediately sally, two 1000-man armies against my one. I expcted one to be behind my deployment zone so deploy accordingly, but the dastardly swine are on the other side of the map. Both are about the same distance away so I quickly march to one of them, managing to sink their wardogs in a barrage of arrowfire before routing the rest of them in a counter-charge without too may losses. Busy, busy, redeploy to face the next army, not so many arrows, not so many deaths caused, they have two warlords, one flanks, charges into my cohort, they get him and then flee, the archer auxilia hold him in place, the other charges into my principes, one routs, the other takes him out. The other two principes are fighting 3 warbands and about ten million doggies. Here come the cavalry from chasing the other army, they go to each hotspot in turn and neutralise it.

Run spot run.


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