The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Jimius

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Chapter XI – 213-209BC

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213 BC – Dacia Done and Dusted 
Troops march off ships into Spain, and are promptly sent packing by the Gauls that have apparently conquered the north of the peninsula. Their superior movement and charge-hitting is telling. The troops get back on the boats and hide. Rather more successfully, a raiding party from Campus Scythii succeeds in destroying the remnants of Dacia, holed up in Vicus Venedae. It’s got to be said, targetting a flaming onager at an open gate isn’t half good at causing havoc. The archers excel themselves, managing to mow down three separate family retinues with barely any losses. On this, the 58th year of my reign, there are 30,000 troops and 170,000 citizens that swear alleigance to the Julian House. Some major Romanisation work takes place this round, heathen temples pulled down and replaced with good, pagan ones. 

212 BC – Tag-Team Awesomeo 

Marcellus and Quintus are ready to swim the channel, but there’s the small matter of a few thousand Brits to deal with. Fightage must occur! And Quintus is late for the battle, the bastard. Fortunately the enemy generals manage to get themselves swamped and shot before they cause too much damage.

As the Brits prepare for their big charge, and the sky is thick with javelins and, um, shrunken heads, Quintus suddenly appears behind them with a ton o’ cavalry. Double charge = slaughter. Unfortunately, Versuccius, the faction heir, escapes. I rename him Verysuckyus to pass the time. Help me. Marcellus crosses the channel on boats I had to send from Genoa about ten years previously. Talk about preparation! 
Meanwhile, the Gauls are somewhat confident after my Iberian crushing (that’s not a euphemism) and engage on Roman soil en masse for the first time in a decade or more. And are destroyed. You’d think they’d learn. 

211 to 210 BC – TWO YEARS OF MY LIFE. GONE. 
A loud dinging sound reminds me I’m out of cash. Undeterred, troops blast their way through and besiege Osca in Spain and Londinium in Britain. Osca falls with nary a hitch as the only troops inside are a single arrow-attracting general. Twaanngggggg. The vast number of chariots and chosen swordsmen in Londinium convince Marcellus to wait a bit, and he finally attacks in 210. After administering emergency piercing surgery to the gate defenders, his retinue blast through a unit of chosen that had hacked down hundreds of legionaries, before charging down the King of Britain himself. These heroics will not stop me from sniggering at “Our sword arms will ache from overuse”.

On the garlic-smelling side of the channel, Quintus attacks the last stack of British troops, and this time a good old-fashioned cavalry buckyball finishes them off. 

209 BC – Parthia Pwned and Britain Brushed Aside, also Marcellus Mortified 

I am cheerily informed that Parthia has bit the dust. Dun Dun Dunnnnn. Marcellus, still in furious expansion mode, moves for Eburacum and gets it, creating a powerful irony for the name of the faction leader he defeated.

This is the last king of Brittania, and his faction crumbles with him. His great work done, Marcellus dies peacefully in his sleep, aged 61, born in the year this game began. The new leader, Galerius the Cold-Hearted, isn’t really so much of a people person, in fact he seems to have every possible negative “relation with the people” trait possible. And he’s held every senate post at some point. Great, a bureaucrat, that’ll strike terror into my foes. 
The remainder of Marcellus’ forces siege and capture Deva in the West of England, and Tara in Ireland, to complete the conquest of the north. The only way now is south, and Quintus II heads to Alesia for running repairs. 

In Spain, the Gauls move from their fort (I know, I was surprised to see an AI build one too) and assault Osca with FIVE rams,which is frankly overkill. My forces defend four of the breaches, allowing archers to whittle down the fifth as they attack. It just holds together, like some kind of melodramatic glue, and enough troops are able to get free in time to swamp the warlord when he charges.

I wonder what 208BC will bring…


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