The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Jimius

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Chapter XII – 208BC

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208 BC – War with the Republic 
With a title like that, you really need Star Wars yellow scrolly text to explain the scenario. Ah well, you’ll have to imagineer it. 

So yeah, the first wave of attack was led by Lucius Helvius, against a group of senate troops based on a ford, a large stack of utterly upgraded old-skool, pre-marian troops.

Forunately as they were without archers, he was able to tempt them to cross the river. 

Senate reinforcements raced from the other side of the map to try and pincer him, but the legions more or less held against both onslaughts.

Lucius engaged the leader of the Senate, and both men fall, leaving my, uh, backup general to see the day through. The victorious troops siege Rome. 

Then it’s trying to ensure the other Romans can’t hurt me. Boats launch in thousands of tiny groups across the Med to impede and Scipii attempts to reinforce, two stacks block off the Greek bottleneck to prevent the twelve thousand Brutii troops in the region going berserk. Spare family members from across the empire are brought towards Italy, and the five cities I have in North Italy begin churning out legions. 

Faction leader Galerius engages a Brutii army south of Rome which includes a thousand incendiary pigs. Not sure quite what emergency they’re preparing for there. A cavalry ambush, while unsuccessful, distracts them enough for cavalry from the main force to take out their onagers, and then when some of their legions make the fatal mistake of pursuing cavalry, the rest is a case of divide and conquer. 

The, uh, backup general marshalling the siege of Rome, Marcus the Mean, dies for some reason, and the senate strike like a tightly-coiled snake/slinky hybrid, carrying a couple of legionary eagles. A snake/slinky/eagle hybrid then. I just don’t have the manpower to hold them at the ford, and they muscle through. As a consolation, I succeed in taking down a minor family member before getting utterly routed, but he’s like the Publius of SPQR.


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