The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Jimius

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Chapter XIII – 207BC

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207 BC – Weathering the Storm 
Having finally managed to retrain his army, Quintus II moves south from Alesia to help out at the front line. Declaring war on Rome has basically alienated any supporters I had left, and the empire is hit with the double whammy of reduced trade income and widespread rioting. Campus Scythii just turfs out the garrison and swaps to Scythian control, who, grateful for this free city as they are, declare war. Spain besiege Osca, and the huge Brutian army attacks the bottleneck defenders, who are headed by Tertius Porcius, a recent addition to the family. 

The first attack is numerous but weak, their reinforcements are delayed and they can’t get the power they need to bear. Their reinforcements finally arrive to see most of their allies in dissarray, and wisely decide to withdraw to attack again. 

The second attack is equally numerous, but stronger. In this battle, it is the onagers that distinguish themselves, taking out a good 10% of the enemy army before they can land a blow. They have the staying power, though, with urban and praetorian cohorts as standard, and inflict large losses before eventually being routed. 

The third attack is again of the same numbers, and stronger still. The onagers and missile troops are innaccurate and I don’t have enough men any more to fight them head-on, so I focus on using archer units to distract and lure away their flank units from the main action. This allows central superiority to tell before taking on their flanks. Tertius distinguishes himself, taking on cohort after cohort with large success. 

The fourth attack is with three armies headed by Titus the Brave, including six onagers, so I decide to retreat back towards Athens. The blockers have done their job, and done it well. 

Bolstered by this success, Galerius retreats from his forward position back to the ford, and starts the second siege of Rome, and again the Senate attack in force, with eagles. Possibly on pogo sticks. Galerius is blessed with archers and cavalry, so manages to inflict some damage before the enemy cross the river, and after that it’s a desperate attempt to stop them from breaking through.

As troops begin to waver, more and more are piled in, including the archers, and finally two more Senators are dead, and the eagle is mine.

Senate reinforcements are heading for me, so I cross the river and wait for them to follow. After a similar defence, the last head of the Senate, Quintus Aelius, suffers severe sword-piercing, and the very last senate troops is charged down by some cute l’il doggies.


Rome being entirely undefended as it is, Galerius walks straight in. There is cheering, and also the crucifixion of about 20,000 citizens, to make a point.

SPQR – Squished, Pushed, Quashed and (C)Rushed.


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