The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Jimius

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Chapter XIV – 206BC

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The fifth Brutii attack comes in the spring, two full armies against a boosted Tertius, with a few troops in reserve. They have seven onagers between them and in an effort to deal with that, a few units of Roman cavalry are sacrificed to go around the huge army approaching and sneakily kick the siege equipment. Turns out they can fight quite well, those onager crew, but they are at least held up while they slaughter the horsies.

Making sure to concentrate javelin fire on the enemy generals, I succeed in stagnating the attack, and the impetus to repulse them is provided by the emergence of my reserves. As they’re chased off the map, Tertius takes care to disable the onagers. Well, most of them. Titus the Brave escapes and retreats to the area around Corinth. 

Tertius presses on to the outskirts of Corinth for the sixth battle for Greece, attacking the three half-armies clustered around there. 

While not exactly on ideal terrain (and I’m gutted to find archers and onagers can’t hide in those semi-enclosed fields, the oft-neglected tactic of charging the general around like a crazy lobster works, and the Brutians get chased away. 

But he keeps going, right up to Corinth itself, immediately assaulting. His onagers succeed in destroying the gatehouse, a wall and two towers, clearing a gap to go through (while a single unit of mercenary hoplites bravely soaks up all the enemy onager firepower).

Once I’m double-super-safety-sure the onager has no stones left to throw, in march massed ranks of archers, which succeed in clearing the walls and surrounding area, a cavalry charge wiping up what remains. Archers and cavalry run to the town square and take care of the retreaters. Titus the Brave becomes Titus the Dead. 

He’s still not done. Onward to Sparta! It has frankly excessively tough walls, meaning two onagers succeed only in destroying the gatehouse and gate.

 A testuding Praetorian cohort march in very gingerly, and then everyone else runs in like they haven’t a care in the world, all the way to the square. It takes a while but they clear it of legionary cohorts and all of Greece is mine. 

Slaughtering the populace of Rome has given me a much-needed cash boost and I retrain all the troops that can get there. Two stacks besiege the Scipian capital of Capua. One is attacked, retreats, and is attacked again, but manages to destroy the rag-tag mob sent after it, and resieges. 

Finally, Osca, now with nice big stone walls, is assaulted by Spain. Dammit those Bull Warriors are powerful, crushing a number of legions on the walls. Fortunately, the ram is taken out so it’s all wall fighting and there’s enough troops to carry the fight through. 

Oh, and Pontus is now dead, meaning I don’t have to get anyone a Christmas card this year (or indeed for another 206 years, but y’know, if I did, I wouldn’t have to.)


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