The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Jimius

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Chapter XV – 205BC

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205 BC – The End is Nigh 
Scythia are beginning to threaten my Eastern provinces, and after a few years of furious backpedalling, they finally manage to pin my troops down. It’s a heroic defence (seriously, got the little crossed swords and everything) with the infantry folding and routing and the bulk of the cavalry shot to pieces. 

The legions wait out the arrows from the horse archers that are left in testudo formation, and eventually they give up and go away. Score! 

Tertius, who has apparently changed his surname to “The Great” beaches up on Crete with a couple of thousand angry men and crushes the resistance there in a pitched battle, which incidentally leaves the city, Kydonia, defended by 19 men. With a couple of onagers to use, the city is rushed by Tertius and another province joins. This is the 47th member of my strange, land-based family, so the end is in very definite sight. 

Galerius and Lentulus assault Capua with 12 siege towers. Well, it should be 12, but due to the fact my reinforcements haven’t turned up on time in about 30-odd years, it’s 4.

The walls are stupidly big and stupidly well-defended. Ulp. Four legionary cohorts roll onto the walls and succeed, through about 70% losses, in taking them and the gateway.

Archers are the next up through the towers, firing down from the walls at the assorted menagerie, then it’s time for my own animals as wardogs burst through the city gate and into the general.

Rather embarassingly for them, the enemy general gets taken out by a wardog handler. Galerius and the few surviving legions wrap up the win with a clean square lure-and-take. Lentulus turns up about a minute before the end, talk about glory-hogging.


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