The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Jimius

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Chapter XVI – 204BC

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204BC – Roma Victor 
Quintus II finally reaches the front, having abandoned his infantry for extra speed, but all he gets to do is hunt down a Brutian family member that’s just hanging around. Galerius goes to the boot of Italy and sieges Croton, while Lentulus hits Tarentum on the heel. Meanwhile, a scipian fleet carrying 2000 troops is sunk in the Tyrhennian sea. Takes about fifteen separate attacks to sink a single ship, but still. I did it. 

Tarentum sally with the aid of the last Brutian stack of troops. The pre-battle odds give me 1:2, I think this is meant to be one I lose. Screw that, while I may have no chance in a straight defence, they won’t be expecting an attack. As the troops leave the gates, my siege towers rumble up to their walls, and all the melee infantry I can spare rush in. Under heavy fire from the gate and just generally being heavily on fire from boiling oil, they force their way into the city. Racing to the square, they manage to engage the relieving cavalry before they can get to the square. The enemy pour through the streets as they realise the countdown timer for city possession has begun, but thanks to the dogs holding them for precious seconds, they can’t reach it in time. It’s almost a bloodless victory, but it is one of the best maneuvers I’ve ever pulled off. Daring can work occasionally. I’ve summarised it in this sexy, sexy tapestry.

Scythia attack me again and I find the BIGGEST HILL IN THE WORLD EVER to guard.

The archers are truly fantastic, killing twice their number each and when my Thracian mercenaries scream and charge down the hill, the remaining troops scatter. 

Which leaves Galerius to assault Croton, the last Brutian city, the last obstruction to total victory. Legionaries storm the walls as they always have, archers lure as they always have, the enemy king is swamped as ever he was.

Galerius is victorious. The Julii are victorious. Marcellus Victor is by definition Victorious 


Coming tomorrow: Fact, Figures and Obituaries.


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December 18, 2008 at 7:00 am

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  1. We demand maps! Else conquering didn’t happen, and you staged everything!


    December 19, 2008 at 2:14 am

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