The Rise And Fall Of The House Of Jimius

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The Cast

Quintus Victor (299 – 236) 

270: Middle son of Lucius Julius. 
267 – 266: Defeats Gauls several times in North Italy, culminating in capture of Mediolanum 
264: Stops large Gallic army from crossing the Po river 
259: Captures Patavium and settles as governor 
244: Repels Dacian invaders from Patavium 
243: Leads counter-attack against Dacia 
241: Captures Segestica 
238: Crushes large Dacian army outside Aquincum 
237: Captures Aquincum, Dacian capital. 
Elected leader of the Julians 
236: Dies peacefully outside Lovosice, which is successfully taken from Dacia later in the year. 

Publius Ofonius (309 – 259) 
267: Marries into family. Initial success in tandem with Quintus Victor. 
264: Forces crushed by Gauls while sieging Patavium 
259: Dies in an assault on Patavium, which fails. 

Marcellus Victor (270 – 209) 

250: Distinguishes himself defending the Rhone from Gallic crossers. Is adopted into the family. 
250 – 234: Defeats seven separate invasion forces, causing the deaths of six warlords 
247: Forced to retreat from gates of Narbo Martius 
237: Elected Faction Heir 
236: Elected Faction Leader 
233: Oversees Marian Reforms 
231: Wins the Battle of Narbo Martius, effectively crushing Gallic power north of the Pyrenees. 
Captures Narbo Martius 
228: Captures Lemonum 
225: Captures Condate Redondem 
224: Survives and overturns Gallic ambush against overwhelming odds 
222: Captures Gallic Capital of Alesia, completing conquest of the Northern Gauls. 
220: Part of three-pronged Blitz on British provinces 
219: Captures port of Samarobreva 
217: Defeats large British army in the field 
214: Captures Bordesholm 
212: Helps destroy large British army 
210: Captures Londinium 
209: Captures Eburacum, killing the King of Britain and completing the conquest of Brittania 
Later in the year, dies at gates of rebel province of Deva, which falls in the next few months. 

Quintus Julius II (249 – …) 

233: Comes of Age 
229: Sent north with large expeditionary force 
224: Captures Vicus Marcomanii from Dacia 
220: Part of three-pronged Blitz on British provinces 
Captures Vicus Gothi from Brits 
217: Defeats large British army in the field 
214: Captures Batavadorum 
212: Helps destroy large British army 
211: Crushes large British army 
204: Finally reaches Italian front, a bit too late 

Galerius the Cruel (254 – …) 

238: Comes of Age 
238 – 209: Devotes self to the many-faceted world of Bureaucracy, holding every senate post and turning Arretium into an incredibly profitable capital. 
209: Elected leader of the Julians 
208: Declares war on the Senate, and the other houses of Rome. 
Defeats large Brutii army 
207: Captures Rome after defeating the last army of the Senate 
205: Captures the Scipian Capital of Capua 
204: Captures the remaining Brutian city of Croton, killing the last Brutian king, and completing the conquest of the Italian mainland. 

Tertius the Great (229 – …) 

213: Comes of Age in Athens 
208: Finds self at front line of conflict, and is charges with defending the Greek Provinces of the Julii 
207: Beats back three Brutian armies in separate assaults 
206: Defeats another attacking Brutian army before engaging and destroying another 
Captures Corinth, and with it the great Temple of Zeus. 
Captures Sparta 
205: Defeats another Brutian army in Crete and captures Kydonia from Brutii 
204: Sets sail for Sicily 

The Numbers

The assault on Croton was my 200th battle victory (If I’d lost it would have been my 60th defeat). The House of Julii had 94 members, a profit of 20,000 denarii a turn, 34,000 soldiers and 285,000 citizens. I have 22 sides of barely-legible A4 to remind me of the good times.

The Map

Is so large, we can’t even paste in a minimised version.


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  1. I just had a question real quick. I just started playing rome:total war and wanted to know how you got these huge 120 men units. Did you use a mod or something?

    -Thank you

    Matt Woodward

    February 2, 2009 at 1:49 am

  2. You just go in the gameplay options and put the unit size to huge. Though you’ve probably figured this out by now ¬_¬


    February 18, 2009 at 12:52 am

  3. Great work! I even read it backwards for that Latin feel. May I suggest Galactic Civilizations II – you give up tactical control for a great, easy to use 3D ship designer. You actually see your creations on the ‘campaign map’ and watch them fight in the cinematic ‘battle map’. You clearly have a very creative language side, this might appeal to a potential visual creative side.

    Mike Luwish

    March 26, 2009 at 5:17 pm

  4. This was a friggin’ awesome read. Inspiring.


    July 18, 2009 at 11:16 pm

  5. I greatly enjoyed reading this. Your writing was articulate and funny–definitely one of the best gaming diaries I’ve read. I hope you do similar work in the future!
    Sure beats the hell out of my RTW campaign, too. I ignored the Britons for too long, and now they rule over 40 provinces with an iron fist, while my Brutii are confined to Greece and Spain with a family of incapable generals and useless bureaucrats.
    Anyway, nice work! Your talent for this sort of thing is exceptional.


    September 4, 2009 at 4:26 am

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